Thursday, November 8, 2012

Peter Says

Me, reading from a book: What grain is in your favorite cereal?
Peter, whose only cereal is organic corn puffs: Corn syrup.

Peter is thrilled by the chance to help me do dishes: Mommy! Play dishes tonight!
(My husband says maybe I just have the wrong attitude about it...)

Mommy, sing do nothing song!
I don't know that song.
(sadly) I don't know that song either.

Bishop Emeritus of our diocese: Hello, Peter. How are you today?
Peter, who frequently refers to himself in the 2nd person: You are poopy!

Warming the heart of his English minor mother:
How are you, Peter?
You are doing well, Daddy!

Looking at some of my husband's novels:
This book. Let me check if it is boring. *flips through* It's boring. I probably put it back.

This is where he took his nap the other day.
On top of his matchbox cars.

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