Friday, November 16, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 17): Of Love and Soup

On or near the 16th of every month, my husband and I go out to dinner to celebrate our "monthaversary." Peter plays with his grandparents and we take turns picking the eatery. I say eatery and not restaurant because I've been told my choice of Arby's does not constitute a restaurant.

Graduation, 5.13.06. We'd been dating less than a week.

Tonight, we went to an Irish pub on a local college campus, my husband's pick. Tip 1: Food quality and service at a college bar suffer when the college is on break.

Tip 2: This particular college (RIT) uses a quarter system (rather than semesters). Break started today.

The first oddity was the tomato basil bacon soup. The menu said tomato basil. It definitely was flavored with bacon bits. Glad I am not vegetarian.

My husband's soup came out after his meal arrived because the waitress forgot to put in the order. He didn't really mind, though, because he loves French onion soup, so he decided to save it for dessert. After he ate the cheese, he was perplexed by both the flavor and appearance of the soup. It had seeds. Turns out it was rye onion soup. Not sure if they ran out of French bread or just forgot how to make the soup. :-)

My husband pointed out to the waitress that this wasn't French onion soup, nor what the menu had promised (it specifically said French bread). She looked at us in bafflement. "What do you want me to do about it?" My giggles almost overcame me before she left the table. I turned to my husband, "I don't know. Do you want to finish it for me?" (She did take it off the bill when we suggested that.)

Truthfully, we had a good time and were satisfied with what we ended up paying for our meal, as we also had a coupon for a free entree. We plan to never go back. But hey, tonight was about celebrating our marriage. We had some laughs and now have another good story to tell each other. "Remember the rye onion soup place...?"

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