Friday, November 9, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 16): Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse of Terror

About a year and a half ago, we took Peter to Bugaboo Creek, a steakhouse themed as a Canadian hunting lodge. Among its decor are a handful of animatronic animals that sporadically sing or make comments. Peter was a bit on edge, so my husband took him to walk around and look at something else. Then the Christmas tree opened its eyes and spoke. Peter lost it.

Last weekend, we decided to try Bugaboo Creek again. We actually picked it especially for Peter, who we thought would enjoy the animals now that he was old enough to understand they were just pretend. He was, in a word, terrified.

His biggest concern was for the life-size bison head mounted on the wall somewhat near our table. After the first time it spoke, he kept his eyes riveted on it, refusing to look away even to drink his chocolate milk. Sitting between my husband and me, he kept a grip on both of our hands, releasing one only if he could sit in one of our laps.

Eventually, the stress got to him and he asked to lie on the booth. He was asleep in about one minute.

He woke later and accompanied me to the bathroom (since staying at the table with only one of us was too scary). He was actually pretty happy in the bathroom, where nothing moved or talked. To convince him to leave, I reminded him of his dinner waiting: applesauce, hot dog, even chocolate cake! "And guess what, Mommy." "What?" "Buffalo." Well, yes, that too. He was relieved when it was time to go home.

Today, he and I went to the zoo. He liked the little animals (penguins, snakes, meerkats, etc.), but was visibly uneasy watching the big animals (lions, polar bears, elephants). "Probably going to sing, Mommy." "No, these ones are real animals. Real animals don't sing." *next exhibit* "You scared, Mommy. Going to sing." "No, only the pretend ones sing." *next exhibit* Trying to sound brave, "It's OK, Mommy, just pretend." "No, these ones are real... so they won't sing..."

It was a lost cause. I'm thinking it might be awhile before his grandparents can take him to Disney...


  1. Sweet niece, it's fun to watch life through a child's eyes. Well, maybe fun is the wrong word... :)

    1. Yeah, fun isn't really accurate in this case. :-) Certainly gives a new perspective, though!

  2. Poor thing! Very sweet, though!