Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sleep Training, Again

Back in February, I spent about a week getting Peter to fall asleep on his own. No tears, no pushing him past his comfort zone, just slowly adjusting our bedtime routine until he could fall asleep without me in the room. This had two great outcomes: he began sleeping longer stretches overnight and fell asleep independently for a month or so. One of those is still in effect. :-)

Peter began regularly sleeping through the night in early June, I think, a month or so shy of his second birthday. Now he only wakes during the night a few times a month, which I suspect will continue for years.

He almost never falls asleep independently, though. We got out of the habit when he got a cold, then we were traveling, and just never got back into that routine. Now he does bath, story, and prayers with Daddy, listens to me pray the Rosary (he says the Glory Be for each mystery), then takes about 20 minutes to fall asleep. His bedtime routine is often over an hour long.

I don't mind cuddling with him, snuggled under the sheets as he slowly falls asleep. He regularly talks to himself as he's drifting off, which is always fun to hear. Truthfully, this new round of "sleep training" is probably harder on me than him. I don't like the idea of him growing up, preferring his llama to me as he falls asleep (which is already happening).

Llama has been a bedtime constant since early infancy.

I wouldn't reintroduce this routine at all, except for the new baby coming. I don't want to be committed to a 45 minute bedtime if the baby decides five minutes in that it's time to nurse. And I want this new routine to be well-established before the baby arrives so Peter doesn't think the baby is stealing me from him.

So tonight we started step one, as I sat next to his bed while he fell asleep. He didn't seem to mind in the least. I was cold and a little lonely.


  1. I know what you mean! Every few weeks, Gus will have a few nights where he takes a long time to fall asleep or wakes up repeatedly in the night, and I think "That's it! Something about this routine has to change!" Then, everything will go back to normal, or at least not at crisis point anymore, and I think that maybe he is too little, I do love snuggling up with him, and I put off the changes for a little bit longer :) Good luck with your new routines--for the both of you!

    1. Thank you. Since he was born, I've tried to avoid pushing him to do things before he is ready... he is only two, after all! I think that with the new baby on the way, I'll have to be particularly on guard against pushing him and expecting him to be the "big brother" before he's ready. Oh the joys and challenges of parenting!