Monday, October 8, 2012

Prayer for my children

Heavenly Father,

I am awed by your confidence in me, entrusting these souls to my care. You know my failings, my struggles, my constant battles against sinful habits, and yet you chose me. I do not understand, but may it be done to me according to your word. Recognizing my own weakness, Lord, I offer my children back to you.

I pray for spiritual protection, that they may not be drawn away from your love. May their souls be strengthened with every necessary grace to stand against temptations and spiritual attacks. May their first desire be always to please you and grow closer to your love.

I pray for emotional protection, that they find joy in life. May they always cast their cares upon you, confident in your love for them. May their trust in you save them from worry and anxiety. May their hope in eternal life protect them from being unbalanced by the hardships they face in this life.

I pray for physical protection, that they may use their bodies always to glorify you. I praise you that they are fearfully and wonderfully made. May they always appreciate that their bodies are temples of your Holy Spirit and treat them accordingly. May they revel in good health and maintain habits that show them to be good stewards of your gifts to them.

Bless them and keep them, Lord, and may your face ever shine upon them. Amen.

Happy mommy of two little blessings

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