Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Peter Says

He makes us laugh frequently, but a lot of the best out-takes are visual. For your reading enjoyment, though, here are few stand-alone gems:

My mom often greets Peter by saying, "How's my boy?" Copying her inflection exactly, Peter said to my husband, "How's my Jeremy?"

Tonight, talking to his stuffed animal consolingly, "Poor little llama. You want to play with you toys! You are too small."

He's also started using full sentences he's learned from books or our conversation in novel contexts. For example... me: "Time to use the toilet, Peter." "How can that be?" or, my husband to me: "I need to go to the post office tomorrow." "I have heard of that."

After eating my breakfast of toast with peanut butter, I scraped the jar clean and ate a little bit of peanut butter directly from the spatula. Peter looked quite taken aback. "Mommy! No toast! Has no toast, Mommy!"

Build big tower with blocks. Don't forget base, Daddy!

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