Thursday, October 25, 2012

Parenting Advice, Round 2

When I was pregnant with Peter, everyone had advice for me. People I barely knew felt the urge to strike up a conversation and tell me what I absolutely had to do with my new baby, or what I should avoid at all costs. This time around, the parenting advice is almost non-existent, which I think is a little funny.

Does having one child mean that I no longer need advice? Have I mastered all there is to know about child-rearing? Or was the one hard-and-fast rule shared during last pregnancy the only thing I needed to remember, so these people feel their job is done? Whatever the reason, I'm happy to avoid conversations that I never learned how to politely escape.

Parenting expert! (10/31/2011)

And if you came here hoping to find a pearl of wisdom, here is my favorite bit of parenting advice: Never say never. As soon as you do, a situation arises in which you have to do what you said you would never do and then you are surrounded by people reminding you, "You said you'd never do that!"


  1. My favorite piece of advice came from my dad when I was pregnant with my first baby.....
    he simply said, "SURVIVE!"

  2. Yes I find that never say never statement very true as I snuggle up to my three year old AND husband in our bed! :-)

    1. Hahaha, yeah, I remember when that first started... :-)