Monday, October 15, 2012

Not Too Good to be True

There are some moments in life that, if written in a novel, would seem unrealistic. You know, like the heroine who cries without getting a runny nose or splotchy face. People would read it and think, "Yeah right. That would never happen." But those moments do happen! Like having your first-ever boyfriend ask you out while riding a Ferris wheel. Or this one:

My dad and I were driving home in the dark from somewhere far away. I think we had been visiting my brother at college, which makes me wonder where my mom was, but at any rate it was just the two of us. We were driving along a highway with minimal traffic and no street lights. My dad has an excellent sense of direction; I do not. I mentioned that I was unable even to find the North star on a clear night like this one.

My dad pulled off onto the shoulder and taught me. Just the two of us, somewhere in upstate New York, looking at the stars as he patiently explained something that I probably should have learned long before that moment. I've never forgotten. Never forgotten how to find the North star, never forgotten that there are constants to help us on our journeys, never forgotten how much I am loved.

Thanks, Dad.

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