Friday, October 26, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 14): Perks of Pregnancy

I'm not one who just glows with the joy of pregnancy. In fact, my favorite pregnancy blog is I Hate Being Pregnant. But even I will admit there are some perks to being a human incubator for awhile.

For starters, there's enjoying the belly comments. Not the weird "You look like you're about to pop," which in my mind is rather gross. No, I'm talking about out of the mouths of babes... "Is that really all your stomach?" You've gotta love that honesty!

I'm looking about this pregnant again. Except in winter clothes this time.
I have a renewed appreciation for good health. I failed my first gestational diabetes test, so I had to take the long one. Another bottle of that glucose drink and four blood draws in three hours. Thankfully, this one came back clean - no diabetes! I can continue to eat fruit and carbohydrates. Phew!

Pregnancy is an excellent excuse to only wear comfortable shoes. Not that I own many pairs of shoes that aren't comfortable, but often wearing a dress comes with the expectation of wearing shoes with heels. I think pregnancy entitles me to wearing flat sandals rather than heels. (I can easily either kick off or run in all my shoes. Heels, by their very nature, are in the former category.)

Speaking of excuses, pregnancy is also a great reason to take regular naps. Actually, I don't think I ever really got out of the habit of napping at least once a day while Peter napped, but now everyone thinks it's commendable. I'm taking good care of myself instead of just being lazy.

I get to sit down a lot. Waiting at restaurants, preschool open gym, talking with friends, the list continues. I can sit pretty much wherever I want and not get judged. Because, hey, I'm pregnant!

I also have a free pass to have snacks. We keep granola bars in the car. I have fruit and juice and milk throughout the day. I even take an apple or something in the car just to drive the two hours to visit my in-laws. So pregnancy isn't the best time of my life, but it's not all bad.


  1. I like this look-on-the-bright-side post, girl. Yes, definitely on the snacks!

    1. Thanks! Complaining about being pregnant is so overdone. Had to strike out into some new territory. ;-)

  2. I loved being pregnant. It is nice to see a happy post!