Friday, October 19, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 13): Brain Dump! (& giveaway announcement)

How is it possible to start putting a little boy to bed around 9:30 - a boy who had a short nap, I might add - and for him not to fall asleep until 11:45?! Granted, a thunderstorm kept him awake for 20 minutes or so toward the end, but come on. Kids these days. :-)

That's it, little one, no more sugar for you. ;-)

In the "can-you-believe-it" train of thought, the waitress at the pizza place tonight was cleaning with Windex approximately 10 inches from where I was eating. Yuck. No one else seemed to notice, though, so maybe it's just my super sense of smell.

I love thunderstorms, as long as I'm not in a tent camping. They smell good and are incredibly powerful and just so wild! I once had a thunderstorm party, complete with a thunder soundtrack and dark clouds cut out of construction paper. My parents are very accommodating.

One of my friends today was speculating about how to store two kayaks and two cars in her garage. Do you have any ideas beyond overhead racks or hooks on the wall?

Peter got a pumpkin at a fall festival. I suggested displaying it in the front yard, either on the steps or in the front garden. He opted for the back yard, inside the gated vegetable garden. He wanted to graft it onto the dying tomato vines, but we were able to convince him to just put it next to them.

"Peter, don't push on your Spiderman chair like that. You could break it." "Then... have Thomas chair instead!" "If you want your Thomas chair, you can just ask for it. You don't need to break your Spiderman chair." *looking happier* "Thomas chair, please!"

Come back Tuesday to enter to win Richard J. Foster's book, Freedom of Simplicity. It's about joy and intentional living and an open heart. What's not to like?!


  1. Re: #4: You could get them up with some rope and pulleys, if there is sufficient overhead clearance and the necessary anchor points to which the pulleys may be attached.

  2. I love the chair story! It sounds like something my littles would do/think! :)

    That book sounds wonderful!!