Friday, October 12, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 12): Counting Blessings

All three of us have a cold. But it's not a stomach bug! And we have a humidifier! And Peter's been pretty happy-go-lucky throughout the whole thing!

My little cool dude

After singing two lullabies, Peter told me, "That's it!" and decided he wanted me to go downstairs rather than sitting outside his room while he fell asleep. Much more comfortable and means my little guy is happy falling asleep.

The other night we heard a dog barking outside. "Doggy! Dog say, woof." "Yep, I hear the dog, too." "Ketchup say..." "Ketchup says?" "Ketchup say *squirting, suction noise*."

We had a lovely dinner last night with plenty of leftovers, then tonight our friend treated us to dinner. So much good food, so few dishes!

Last night, my husband had a meeting at church he needed to attend before we could go out to dinner. Thankfully, it was held in the same church as Adoration. It's the first time I've been to Adoration for any significant amount of time in quite awhile (through my own negligence). What originally seemed like an inconvenience ended up being quite a blessing.

That friend who treated us to dinner? Also brought me chocolate from Dairy Queen last night. And played with Peter for hours this morning. Best house guest ever. ;-)

When I'm sick, it's tempting to look on the dark side of everything. Counting my blessings makes me feel better already!

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