Monday, September 24, 2012

Peter Says...

People always tell young parents to keep track of the funny things their kids say. This way, you and I both get to enjoy the outtakes from daily life!

Having listened to too much Frankie Valli recently: "Rubber Ducky, walk like man."

Because 'no' can mean 'don't know' and spirit is a hard word: "Glory be to Father, to Son, to Holy, no."

Referring to himself in the second person and projecting what he wants us to say:
"'Build big tower blocks RIGHT NOW,' Daddy said to you."
"'More pizza,' Daddy said to you." "Do you want more pizza, Peter?" "Yes!!"

Talking to himself at bedtime, getting progressively louder, then: "Shh! Go sleep, little boy."

To my Dad, whom he always calls Papa: "More bread sir please"

In immediate succession: "Love baby so much. Love Mommy so much. Love Daddy so much. Love Father Brian so much. Love llama feet so much."

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