Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for some of my cousins. The local districts are starting tomorrow or the Thursday. I've seen lots of very cute pictures of little kids with their huge backpacks and new school clothes, getting on the bus or riding their bikes. They look happy and excited.

At the State Fair on Saturday, one of the performers reminded the crowd that kids would be going back to school this week. Most of the adults cheered, happy and excited. (Which always bothers me. What message does your child hear when you can't wait to send them away?)

In a week, maybe two, most of those kids will stop being excited. Morning routines will have to be managed, strict bedtimes will have to be enforced, and homework will suck away the pleasurable afternoon hours. School will become a mundane reality for most and a source of anxiety for some. They'll start counting the days until the next vacation.

And the parents? Well, lots of them will be frustrated by the constant nagging that seems to be required to get kids to school on time, to do their homework, to get to bed. They will be worn out by trying to squeeze fun activities into the limited afternoon and evening hours. They will be railing against teachers considered too strict/easy/aloof/overwhelmed to deal appropriately with children entrusted to them.

Personally, this week makes me glad we never plan to have a First Day of School for our kids.

Much better start to our week :-)

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