Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bed Transition #2

When Peter was just over a year old, he switched from the bedside pack-n-play he'd used in our room since birth to a crib mattress on the floor in his room. As he had limited communication skills, we didn't ask him about this ahead of time, but he didn't seem to mind in the least.

Yesterday, we "upgraded" from a crib mattress to a twin mattress (still on the floor). I had a couple motivations for this. First, the larger I got with the pregnancy, the less comfortable it was to scrunch up on that bitty mattress. Now I can lie next to him comfortably. Second, we planned to do this transition eventually and are trying to do a lot of the changes well before the baby arrives so Peter doesn't blame the little one for the upheavals.

Yesterday morning I asked Peter if he would like a bigger bed with a pillow. "No." "OK, we don't have to do it now." About ten minutes later... "Mommy? Bigger bed for you." (He always refers to himself in the 2nd or 3rd person.) I assured him his little bed was nice and asked quite a few times to be sure he wanted the change; he was certain.

My husband and I pulled the mattress down from the attic and let Peter pick which sheets to use (blue). He was so excited to have a big bed and a pillow! I put him down already asleep for his nap, which went smoothly. He hasn't fallen off during naps or last night, which I thought might happen. Phew!

Such a big bed for such a small boy!

Last night, he did take about twice as long to settle as he usually does. No, not upset. You've probably forgotten, but sheets are very exciting when you first have them. Pulling sheets up, kicking them off, sliding feet around underneath... how can a boy sleep with all that to do?!

Also, now that his sheets are blue, he's been asking us to change his walls and make them blue. One step at a time, buddy. :-)

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