Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Baby Banz Swimsuit

One of the things I won't miss about summer is convincing Peter to stay still enough to allow me to get adequate sunscreen on him. (FYI, if you want to see how healthy your sunscreen is, click here.) Happily, even when we are swimming I only have to get his face, ears, and the lower parts of his arms and legs. Why? Baby Banz Swimwear!


  • The SPF really works. I was skeptical that a swimsuit would provide any better protection than a tshirt, but am pleased to admit I was wrong. We never put sunscreen under his suit and he's been completely protected.
  • The style covers most of him. The suit we got has 3/4 length sleeves and a high neck, greatly reducing the amount of sunscreen we need to apply.
  • Smaller sizes have a zipper on the bottom. This makes it easier to do diaper changes or get him on the toilet quickly.
  • On sale, they are really affordable! We already bought a shirt and trunks for next summer.
  • Sizes are flexible. Peter still technically isn't the right size for his suit, but it works well even though it's a bit large. This means we can get quite a bit of wear out of it.


  • The bottom zipper doesn't always stay zipped. It can come partially undone, chafing his legs a little if we don't keep an eye on it. We've debated pinning or sewing it shut and just taking the whole suit off when he needs the toilet.
  • The one-piece suits are completely made out of swimsuit material. While this means they dry quickly, it also introduces to boys' suits what is common for girls' suits: the butt area gets worn. As he scoots around on his bottom, the material is beginning to pill a little bit.
Bottom line: If you have the money and will be swimming outside, I highly recommend this! If you also swim inside, I'd recommend a cheaper suit for the highly-chlorinated indoor pools. (Although with some of the sale prices, these are pretty competitively priced!)

Disclaimer: My opinions are my own. I have not been compensated by Baby Banz in any way.


  1. This would have been good to know about when we were picking out our swimsuits for our upcoming trip to Florida. It's a little too late now, but it looks like it would do a good job. I'm not a huge fan of sunscreen in general because of all the chemicals (incidentally, cool site you linked!) but this suit looks like it would help as well, lessening the need for the sunscreen.

    1. Ah, sorry to have missed the window of opportunity! Perhaps next year. :-)