Friday, September 14, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol 8): Baby Name Picks

OK, we finally decided on baby names for this little one. We had the boy name set fairly early, but I kept waffling about the girl name.

K, not actually our baby. But they all look the same at 20 weeks. 

First we were both happy with Anastasia, nickname Ana, but then found out that the main character of 50 Shades of Gray has that name and nickname. We scrapped that, both because we didn't want people to think we admired the book and because we want unusual names and thought there might be a popularity spike with that one.

Our criteria for names are that they not be in the top 100 (as listed by the SSA) and that they are the names of saints or beatified people (on their way to sainthood). For boys, we are planning to use names of popes. (We have eight that we like, so probably are all set with that.) We also don't want to use names that are common in our families.

The girl name choice is Anne Virginia. Anne will be named after two wonderful people, in addition to St. Anne Line. My mom's name is Mary Ann, so this granddaughter will be her namesake. Also, my friend Anne has agreed to be Godmother. Two-for-one deal! Virginia is my husband's maternal grandmother's name.

The boy name choice is Karl Wojtyla. See what we did there? Blessed Pope John Paul II has been such an inspiration to me; I really want to name a son in his honor. But the name John is very common in both of our families (4 uncles, 3 cousins), so we didn't want to go that route. Karol would likely be mispronounced as Carol, so we shortened it to Karl. Also, both of our paternal grandfathers had Carl in their names.

In case you're wondering, Peter Xavier is named for the first pope. His middle name came about in this conversation. My husband: "I've always thought X was an awesome middle initial. Can we give the baby a middle name with X?" Me: "Sure. There's a saint Francis Xavier, so I'm fine with that." :-)

Peter dressed as his namesake for All Saints Day 2010.

Rumors persist that Jeremy wanted to name his son after the X-Men and did this to trick me, which is absurd. We pronounce it 'zay-vier', not 'ex-avier' as it is pronounced for the X-Men. And more to the point, we don't trick each other because we think respect is important. Just thought I'd point that out.


  1. I love the idea of naming kids after saints---bring it back! Even though those two first names aren't in the top 100 (because some of the top names are ridiculous these days), they're common enough to be pronounceable and probably found on magnets and mugs and keychains and things like that.

    1. Yeah, my husband doesn't like "weird" names; happily, there are lots of saints names that aren't common but are familiar to most people. Hooray! :-)

  2. I love the baby boy name that you have picked out! Being Polish myself, I have a strong admiration for Blessed JPII - I even had the blessing of being at his beatification!! I found your blog through Dwija's blog, and I love it! Blessings!

  3. Anne Virginia is very special. You probably recall that one of Grandpa Brophy's sisters was named Virginia, but they called her Virge. Karl Wojtyla is also unique, but I'm not sure how to pronounce the middle name. Are you still seeing am midwife for this baby?

    Love, Aunt Monica

    1. I do remember Aunt Virge. A special lady!

      The middle name is pronounced "voy-TEE-wa"; it's Polish.

      Yep, I have an appointment this afternoon, in fact. Looking forward to seeing you in a few days!

    2. Great seeing you last weekend. Thanks for the explanation on how to pronounce Karl's middle name. Now we patiently wait to see whether your child is a boy or girl.

  4. Glad you decided on a name! Though I'd like to comment about name popularity. This really really cool name "Emily," was #1 on the charts for almost a decade. However with all it's "popularity" it wasn't until I hit high school that I even ever really ran into another "Emily" and she was a grade older anyway, so we didn't really see each other.

    And on my high school soccer team of 15 people, however, there were 2 of each of these names...Alysha, Jenna, and Kelsey. Go figure that there wouldn't be another Emily at all.

    So much for being #1 for all those years when it's not that easy for me to find another person with my name! (I more went by nickname "Emy," not to avoid confusion with other "Emily's," but because it was a comfort elementary/junior high teachers had used that pet name frequently and so it sort of stuck).

    1. Yeah, certainly no guarantees with names. I like to pretend I am being original, though. ;-)