Friday, August 24, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 6): Awesome Moms Club

A friend of mine recently saw a Facebook post about a fun toddler activity - that involved sand. Inside. She posted a comment asking how more experienced moms contained the mess and was immediately chastised. "Hello! Haven't you heard of a vacuum?" Yes, yes I have. We try to use ours at least once a month...

In response to this, we decided to form our own club. It is the Awesome Moms Club, for moms who are all about enriching their youngsters, but not at the price of our own sanity or crazy admission costs. (Not that I think vacuuming = insanity for all people, but it might for me.) So, some things that children of Awesome Moms might learn:

Digging is great fun! It belongs outside. Where dirt and sand occur naturally.

If you go swimming in January, be grateful the high school pool is as warm as it is. We could have taken you to Lake Ontario.

Water play has its place. Outside, sinks, and tubs are all good options. A table in a carpeted room, not so much.

A trip to the mall provides exercise, socialization, and opportunities to practice letters and numbers. And is free. (OK, we're a little spoiled. Our mall has a playground, too.)

Care to join us? What lessons have your kids learned from their Awesome Mom?

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