Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Disaster Recovery

We got back from a wonderful trip to Iowa late on Monday night (early this morning?). That means today was disaster recovery day. Laundry, dishes, trying to get Peter back to some semblance of schedule. It was a minor success. He didn't get to sleep until after 10:30. The dishes are partly done. The laundry is at least in a basket rather than a suitcase.

And then of course I had emails to read, Facebook pictures to peruse, and far more blog posts to read than time to read them. So if you wrote something really good this past week, leave it as a comment and I'll make sure I get to it. :-)

Upshot is that although I have great bloggy ideas (when it's OK to hate, the cost of raising a child, and why people don't believe science, for example), I have no energy to give them what they deserve tonight. I don't need a vacation from vacation, just a maid.

Peter on the "playground" at an Ohio rest stop

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