Saturday, July 28, 2012

7 Quick Takes, Belated - (Vol. 4)

Summer camp was wonderful! The weather was good, no serious injuries, lots of kids learning about God and healthy competition. My craft and nature lessons were well-received, overall. Peter was once again the darling of camp, gathering admirers wherever he went. The little girls were a bit over-enthusiastic in their admiration, but Peter knew he could sit in my lap or ask for his playpen if things got to be too much. It was an exhausting and fantastic two weeks.

Napping in the gym

Toilet training got both better and worse during camp. Better, because he was using the toilet regularly and occasionally asking ahead of time when he needed it. Worse, because he was drinking constantly to stay hydrated, so I think he's back to not minding a wet diaper. Oh well. He's got time. :-)

Peter is two! Although if you ask him, he'll say three, nine, or ten. He can now count: 1-12, 16, 18, 19, 20, 30. Close enough. :-)

He has gotten much more emphatic about saying no. At home, this isn't usually an issue. We don't ask a question unless no is an acceptable answer and only require compliance in issues of safety or respect (i.e. no feet on the table). It's frustrating, though, when we're in public and he refuses to be polite. Someone will say hi and he'll shout no. At home, we just tell him we don't want to play with/help him if he is going to be rude, but in public there are no reasonable consequences. Ideas?

We had a family portrait taken for our church directory. We get a free 8x10 for participating, then the studio tries to sell us additional prints. JCPenney's sells any 8x10 sheet (2 5x7s, etc.) for $4, so I had figured if it was around $10, I would get a couple just for convenience of not taking Peter out again for his 2 year old pictures. Turns out they were asking $25. Ha, no.

What I learned today: Fast can also be an adverb. I always used quickly as an adverb and fast (when describing speed) as an adjective. But they can both modify verbs! Fun fact!

We finally got RAIN! This is great for our plants, although I think it is too little too late for our garden. I should have been watering every day, but... well, I'm pregnant... and was volunteering at camp... and really am just too lazy to be entrusted with growing things.

Using his wheelbarrow while my husband did yard work.


  1. Glad everything went well!

    As far as "no" goes to in public; if I don't want to be around people I can make the choice to stay home.

    Peter may simply being trying to communicate that he doesn't feel like meeting people in the only way he knows how. He uses the word no. I really don't find anything wrong with it. He's not being rude, he is setting boundaries for his comfort level with people.

    1. Could be. That would seem more applicable if we weren't going places he asked to go. He frequently asks to go to the library or the mall (which has an indoor playground), but then gets ornery when people talk to him. He also sometimes initiates conversations but then yells no when the other person responds. Kids! One day at a time, I guess.