Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Woah! A Crib!

Usually I do Wordless Wednesdays - because it's a lot easier to post pictures than think of something to write. Today, though, I was pretending to sleep while the photo ops were happening, so you'll have to use your imagination to enjoy the following images.

At home, Peter sleeps on a crib mattress on the floor. At my parents' house, he has a crib, mostly to ensure he doesn't investigate my mom's craft supplies also kept in that bedroom. For naps, he is given the option to lie quietly with me on the twin bed or be in his crib. He almost always starts with me, refuses to lie down, and ends up in his crib. So it went today. He whimpers, "Mimi..." "Do you want to come back and lie down with me?" *angry negative noise* "OK, then you need to stay in your crib."

Let the fun begin.

Image #1 Peter discovers he can fit not only his arms but also his legs through the crib slats. There he sits with a huge grin, experimenting with each limb and ultimately looking like he's in the stocks. He is quite proud of this accomplishment and stays that way for a good minute or so before getting bored.

Image #2 Intrigued by the bumps on the crib rail, he slides his hand back and forth. This feels neat. To continuously enjoy this new sensation, he walks ten to fifteen laps around the perimeter, gently sliding his hand with a look of wonder.

Image #3 Stopping abruptly after a turn around the crib, Peter discovers that the mattress is bouncy. And noisy. What joy! Holding the crib rail, he jumps repeatedly, blond hair flapping in the breeze. Truly, the pinnacle of happiness.

Image #4 This picture would be taken approximately three minutes after the previous one. Mouth agape in the total relaxation of a toddler asleep, he is sprawled across his crib. He slept for over 2 hours.

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