Monday, June 11, 2012

Weaning continues

Last month, I convinced Peter that we only nursed at bedtimes and when he first wakes up in the morning. When he asked other times, I would say in a teasing voice, "It's not bedtime!" and he would giggle. I sidetracked him with cuddles or food or a book and all was well.

This month, we're cutting out his nap time nursing (leaving us with bedtime, 1-2 overnight, and morning). I started by limiting him to 10 seconds, which he accepted without the slightest complaint, much to my surprise. When I tried no nursing, though, he wasn't having it. So we moved naps from his room to our room and the change of location eliminated him asking to nurse. That's been working for about a week. The next goal is to transition him back to his own room for naps by the end of the month.

Overall, he has reacted very well to this gradual weaning process. My husband and I have noticed some increased crankiness at home and being more clingy in public, but generally speaking Peter has been his usual happy self. He has learned that a cuddle or "no-no" (rubbing noses) is adequate to soothe little scrapes or disappointments. Life is good.

Not too clingy. Still a slide master. :-)


  1. When I read this before, I started to wonder if there might be a certain reason to start weaning him...and I was right - congratulations again on Baby Wolford 2013!!
    And I'm definitely going to try these ideas for when it comes time to wean David.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas and ways of raising children - it's helpful for the rest of us following along behind!