Friday, June 1, 2012

Last Set of Tidbits

This is my 12th Tidbits post, so I'm ending the series after tonight. After all, you now know my favorite seasonal food from each month, so no point repeating that. :-)

I am reading... nothing of quality. I got a bunch of young adult books from the library, which generally guarantees a decent plot without sex or profanity, but what I've read so far was either lacking in plot or morals. Sigh. Fun fact: As a kid, I was allowed four books at a time from the library, to reduce late fines or lost books. As an adult, I still feel like I'm getting away with something when I take more than four.

I am praying for... the success of a local Christian sports camp. This summer will be my 10th (nonconsecutive) year working for them. Recently, they've struggled to maintain high enough enrollment to justify the camp to the church board, so this summer really needs to be a banner year.

My favorite seasonal food is... tricolor pasta salad. I like it with fresh tomato chunks and Italian dressing. Jeremy prefers cubed cheese and raspberry vinaigrette. Peter just likes "noo-noos".

I am planning... to go out to eat TWICE tomorrow! We're having breakfast with my Dad - and maybe my brother and his family, if they get that coordinated :-) - then a couple college friends are joining us for lunch. Looks like dinner might be a light meal tomorrow. Maybe pasta salad... :-)

I was recently surprised by... something sticky in my hair. Because I showered this afternoon. No idea what it is, but I bet I know from where whom it came!

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