Friday, June 29, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 2)

Happy feast day to my son, Peter! When my husband wished him the same today, Peter replied, "Woo!" An exciting day indeed.

Happily, Peter's Godfather and his wife happened to be in town today, so we enjoyed a visit with them this morning. They enjoyed our fairly successful attempts to interpret Peter-speak and showered much more praise than was necessary on that little boy during the completion of his puzzles. I suppose that's what Godparents do. :-)

Today was hot, getting almost to 90, which admittedly is much better than other parts of the country and cooler than was forecast. Still, it was a warm day, making a picnic dinner much preferable to sitting inside. After quesadillas, we picked the remaining strawberries and black raspberries growing in our yard. I'm happy that Peter will have the same childhood pleasure I had of eating sun-warmed berries.

In the evening, we used my brother's pool. (He's out of town, but graciously gave us permission.) Due to the solar cover, the water was 94 degrees! Peter loved it. For the first time ever, despite weeks of swim classes, he happily kicked while being held on his back, jumped into the pool, and repeatedly chose to put his face in the water! An evening of high achievement.

Speaking of achievements, I've finally added one pound to my pre-pregnancy weight! I had dropped four at one point. The morning sickness is a lot more pervasive with this baby. But the scale today shows I'm in the black. Hooray!

One possible cause of weight gain: my husband's willingness to traipse around and get whatever sounds like it might be edible, like a fruit smoothie from Panera at 9:30PM. For example. :-)

After an absolutely lovely day, I have another to enjoy tomorrow! My in-laws are coming out for the day and the weather looks promising. Enjoy your weekend!

From last week's Quick Takes, Peter watching construction.

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