Friday, June 22, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 1)

Jumping into the fun of 7 quick takes on Fridays, hosted at Conversion Diary, with a number of my "bloggy friends" (as my husband calls them). I will admit this is partially due to the allure of an easy blog post, but also because I enjoy reading others I've found.

Apologizing for lack of posts is a blogging faux pas, but I'm doing it anyway. This pregnancy has been more taxing on me than Peter's, with the result that most evenings I just want to curl up on the floor and try to get engrossed enough in a good book that I can ignore my stomach.

My husband is out of town for the weekend, so I'm singly parenting for a few days. It's hard. And that's with substantial support from my parents, who are feeding and housing us and doting on their grandson. My admiration for single parents knows no bounds.

Speaking of grandparents, I include my in-laws when I count my blessings. I decided to stay local this weekend, but I know they would have happily opened their home to Peter and me if we had chosen to make a trip their way, spoiling him just as much and coddling me. I'm thankful for such a caring, welcoming family.

Conversation between my parents today. Dad: The mower snagged this, but I thought you could put it in a vase and we could enjoy it in here. (holds out a tiger lily stalk) Mom: There are certainly much worse things the mower could have snagged! Thanks for bringing it in. This isn't atypical. It's how their marriage works - no blaming, scolding, or deceptions. I can easily imagine the same situation becoming a fight for other couples I know. Just another reason my parents are role models for me.

Peter decided to taste sand today. I rinsed out his mouth and told him it was gross. Approximately two minutes later, he ate another handful. Sigh.

My parents' neighbor had his driveway repaired today. Four trucks, shovels and rakes, a hand-powered roller, and a full construction crew. Peter was enthralled. I took a picture, but my phone is up in the room where I finally got him to sleep. Trust me, he looked cute and enthralled. :-)


  1. My in-laws are also wonderful, and it is such a blessing!

    #7 sounds like a dream come true for another little boy I know :)