Monday, May 7, 2012

Single Parenting and Sleeper Cars

Since Peter was born, I've often admired the skills of single parents. Raising a child is just so all-consuming! After this past weekend, my respect has risen another notch. My Goddaughter made her First Communion in Wisconsin. Jeremy was unable to take time off to travel, so Peter and I made the trip without him.

This isn't completely without precedent. Peter and I have traveled with my parents' in the past for a weekend getaway, but in that situation, my parents were around to help. On this trip, it was all me. (Once we were out there, my brother was a great help, but to and from I was solo.)

11:30PM - too excited to sleep! We're at a train station!

To simplify my life and increase the likelihood of both of us being happy upon arrival, Peter and I took a sleeper car on the train from Rochester to Chicago. It was AWESOME. I now understand why people pay for first class. I didn't know this, but apparently sleeper cars are the first class of train travel. We got to board first, meals were provided, our conductor was ultra attentive, we had bottled water and hot coffee available at all times, AND Peter got a fun hat.

The experience was also unparalleled for peace of mind while traveling. I had no schedule, traffic, or poorly timed bathroom needs. We had privacy and a great view. Since the door locks, I knew that Peter could explore whatever he wanted without bothering other passengers. If we had unlimited cash, I think I would travel by sleeper car everywhere!

More coming tomorrow. Tonight I just really need to get to bed. (You may guess that we didn't get a sleeper car on the way home.)


  1. How cool! Jon would love that--he's been suggesting we take a train across the US for eons. Gus would probably think it was pretty neat, too ;)

    1. Peter was super-excited. I wish I'd taken a video when I woke him up for breakfast. He opened his eyes, popped up to point out the window and shouted, "Choo-choo! Choo-choo!" Then proceeded to remind me at least once every thirty minutes that we were on a train. :-)