Monday, May 14, 2012

Pros and Cons of Gardening

Today while Peter napped I got our romaine lettuce and green beans planted. (Is anyone else skeptical that those floppy things you see in the store ever lived on a vine? Fresh green beans are so much better!) As excited as I am to begin our green bean crop, I suspect I should have taken advantage of nap time to get some sleep of my own.

1. My husband apparently contracted hand-foot-mouth. It's unusual but not unheard of for adults to show symptoms. I always knew he was special.

2. While Peter is definitely feeling better, he's not completely recovered and has been waking somewhat frequently at night. Therefore, I have not gotten a good night's sleep in well over a week.

3. It is 10PM and Peter shows no inclination of being ready to sleep, despite screaming tantrums earlier in the evening indicating exhaustion.

Hindsight is 20/20.

These beans better be amazing.

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  1. Even though fabric does not seem to soothe Peter, some of our children liked stroking the ribbon satiny area on their blankets. You can buy a small toy about 8 inches tall and in the infant area of stores like Target that has that satiny feel and perhaps he would like that sort of fabric. Now with J down with the hand/foot/mouth stuff you have certainly got to get your rest whenever the chance prevails. Try to prepare nourishing meals for everyone to help them rebound. Get the prep done in the morning when you are fresh & then pull together at dinner time. Hope these health issues ease soon and that tantrums become a distinct rarity as the little guy matures. Love, Aunt Monica