Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Children as a Commodity

My friend runs a dairy farm. In his business, cows are valued FAR beyond bulls, for obvious reasons. (Ever tried to milk a bull?) When a bull calf is born, it is sold as soon as possible and usually for very little money. Bull calves are burdens. This makes sense to me. Dairy farming is a business; cattle are a commodity.

THIS does not make sense to me. In this video, an undercover actor enters an abortion clinic to find out if she can abort her child - if it is a girl. The answer? A resounding, supportive yes. She gets tips on what to say to her OB/GYN and how to get Medicaid to pay for the ultrasound to determine gender. Because really, who doesn't want the 'perfect family' of one boy and one girl?

In fairness, the group producing the video would not release how many clinics they tried before getting this footage. Hopefully they just found one of the oddities. But how does even one clinic like this come to be?

Simple. We don't value children.

Society says we should have two children, a boy and a girl, 2.5 years apart. Or twins, because that's cute.  We should be neither too old or too young when we have them and they need separate bedrooms. Our sons should play ball with their dads while our daughters go shopping with their moms.

Are we talking about human beings or the newest collectibles?

I used to think "gendercide" was only a problem in China. It's disturbing to find it here.


  1. Clicked through to the We Don't Value Children link.

    One more reason we love being Eastern Orthodox Christians: no nurseries. Children commune from infancy, because they are Chrismated (confirmed) when they are baptized. It is a beautiful thing. Full communion, full membership in the Body of Christ, as soon as possible.

    1. Beautiful indeed. I think the Eastern Orthodox position on Confirmation makes more sense than what's becoming popular in this diocese - getting Confirmed around age 7 or 8. If we want to use it as a sign of being an adult in the Church, I think it makes sense to wait until at least adolescence. If it's not a sign of maturity, I don't understand why it's not done at infancy.

      In good news, one of the nursery volunteers at our church told me recently that they haven't had any kids in weeks. And I've heard them in church, so they're coming! :-)