Saturday, April 21, 2012

Why me, Lord?

Saturdays are usually great around here. We have nowhere to go, so the three of us laze around in bed for as long as Peter will tolerate before meandering downstairs for breakfast. Sometimes we go to the Public Market or do some shopping. We might visit the library. It's a good day, time to just be together while getting some chores out of the way. I particularly like Saturdays because my parenting partner is completely available (as opposed to days when he works from home and has work as the #1 priority).

Today we got up earlier than usual because we wanted to go to the market and hit up an Earth Day event at our favorite supermarket before about 10:30. Then it was rainy, so we decided to skip the market. And the Earth Day event didn't start until 11. And the reason we were in a hurry was because my husband was attending an all-day, males-only party. (A bachelor party, but that has cultural connotations that do not apply to a bunch of guys playing board games and eating a meat buffet.)

Peter and I went to the zoo for the Great Cloth Diaper Change and got some nice samples (including Rockin' Green diaper detergent, which honestly was the primary reason we attended). Did you know the Guinness Book of World Records has ridiculous regulations? Like, all attendees must be present at noon, and all publicity must list noon as the event time, but it won't actually happen until 12:30. Argh. Peter was great, though. (And it helped that Luvaboos, local event sponsor, had some entertainment for the kids.)

The tambourine really makes the outfit...

He fell asleep on the way home and napped for almost 3 hours, allowing me to have lunch and get a 2 hour nap myself. He really has been remarkably well-behaved all day. Even when we had to wait an extra 25 minutes for my husband to get home because his car got stuck on the way out of the camp. Bedtime routine was good, he nursed, wanted to get into bed... and then would not sleep for over an hour.

It's completely my fault that I'm cranky. I stayed up late last night. I could not appreciate Peter's high spirits at bed time (all he wanted to do was play in bed with me next to him). I feel entitled to have help with Peter all day on Saturdays. (Which is ridiculous. Jeremy deserves to have a life, too.)

Why me, Lord? What have I ever done
that was worth even one
of the pleasures I've known?
Tell me, Lord. What did I ever do
that was worth loving you
or the kindness you've shown?

Lord, help me. Jesus, I've wasted it so.
Help me, Jesus, I know what I am
Now that I know that I've needed you so
help me, Jesus
my soul's in your hand.

- "Why Me" sung by Willie Nelson


  1. So, I'm a bit envious that you got to attend the Great Cloth Diaper Change - there wasn't anywhere close enough to here sponsoring the event for us to be able to attend. I hope you like your rockin' green. we've been using it for well over a year and recently switched to washing all of our laundry with it (we were getting build up in our machine from the regular detergent that was requiring lots of extra rinses to get all the bubbles out of our diaper washes). it's a little more expensive, but we find that we only need 1 tbs of it per diaper load (not the 3 that it recommends for top loaders). so one bag will last us several months.
    i hope that you were able to get a better night's sleep Saturday to Sunday and that you had a blessed Sabbath. And I totally understand what you feel about saturdays. by the end of the week i'm so worn out that i probably rely on Ryan a little too much on the weekends (especially when it comes to discipline). it's hard not to, sometimes.

    1. Yeah, we've been using it for awhile and love it. It's the only one we've found that gets rid of smell and stains!
      Thanks for the encouragement. God bless you!

  2. I. Hear. Ya. Randy's been gone to North Carolina for two trips so far and has one left (which will be over Mother's Day :-(). We stay at my parent's house but still not the same as having him home. The last two nights Madeline has woken up and not nursed right back to sleep--in fact she screams until Randy comes to relieve me (90 min first night, 30 last night). But then he has to stay up and go to work, while I am able to sleep more. And I am sad he was so tired he went to bed early tonight b/c we have a lot to catch up on since he's been gone. How is this related to your post? I guess just knowing what it is like to be grumpy but totally not "deserving" to be grumpy I guess. Sigh.

  3. Exactly - feeling guilty about being grumpy. Life is so good! Ah well, tomorrow is a new morning. Hope this weekend is minimally stressful for you!