Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wisdom from Dwija: How to Have Toddlers & a Clean House

Dwija, witty writer found at House Unseen. Life Unscripted. (and now Catholic Exchange!), has bestowed upon us less experienced mothers a gift from above: how to maintain a basic level of cleanliness while still allowing your toddler to leave his room. For a full explanation, you can check out her guest post at Finding Great Joy.

I was most enlightened by her categorization of chores into three categories: sleepy time, wakey time, crazy time. What chores can be quietly done without disturbing a little boy who resisted his nap for an hour? What can be done while he is happily lining up his fruit? What can be done when he is absolutely certain that the best place to be is within .0024 inches of me and/or he needs a distraction?

Wait, your kids don't do this?

I am a bit of an organization fanatic (my husband's socks are separated by color), so I love this plan. Of course, I had to sit down and create my own lists right away! Here's what we've got.

Sleepy Time
* Clean our bathroom & little bathroom
* Computer time: Facebook, blog, emails
* Scrapbook
* Dishes (but quietly. because he loves to pull things out of the dirty water.)

Wakey Time
* Clean kitchen
* Clean guest bathroom (right next to his room, can't do it when he's sleeping)
* Dusting
* Strip & make beds
* Pick up toys and books. Repeat.

Crazy Time
* Laundry
* Weeding

These don't include my husband's chores of mowing the lawn, feeding our worms, making dinner, and managing garbage and recycling. But he usually does his chores when I am home or have taken Peter with me, so it's less of a challenge for him. (Which is good, because he has enough challenges working 40 hours a week!)

Do you have any tips for managing a household with little ones?


  1. I love that you enjoyed that post! And really, it just gets easier with time, truly...even when you add other kids to the mix :)