Monday, April 2, 2012

Menstrual Musings

As the title suggests, this post might have too much information. Read at your own risk.

Some time after Peter was born, while I was exploring the wide world of cloth diapers and natural parenting, I came across the topic of mama cloth. And snickered. Because really, "mama cloth"? That is apparently the trendy name for cloth menstrual pads. Aside from being amused, I didn't give it a second thought.

As an aside, must be a bummer to work in marketing for menstrual products. How do you take something that contains blood and make it sound stylish and appealing?! Hint: Not by putting encouraging messages on the tampon labels, as one company does with their "sport" brand. I kid you not, one such message says, "I'm your biggest fan." Far from encouraged, I would be distressed if that were true.

Anyway, eventually I decided to try cloth pantiliners... cheaper in the long run and generate a lot less trash. Besides, they rarely get dirty, so it wasn't that big of a step. Peter was 17 months old when my period returned and by that point I was pretty much brain-washed by natural parenting blogs. A couple months ago, I bought some cloth maxi pads. (No, I am still not calling them mama cloth.) Again, I justified it to myself by pointing out that I only use them as a tampon back-up, so it's just another small step.

But then this month I bought a DivaCup. Again with the naming, folks. And if just the name isn't enough to make you smirk, consider this: each cup is sold with a cute little diva pin, so you can tell the world you've got silicone in you! I'm not really in a position to cast stones, though, since I own one. (I don't wear the pin. And never will.)

At this point, there's no turning back. Two years ago, I would have been thoroughly grossed out by reusable menstrual products, but here we are. I think they're more comfortable and definitely more ecologically friendly. And hey, makes packing easier, too.

And since you've read this far, allow me to vent my one menstrual frustration. Before being pregnant, I had almost zero PMS symptoms. Now, for the week leading up to the big day, I am tired, moody, and struggling with nausea. Which, incidentally, were also my early pregnancy symptoms. So now I never know! And I feel gross! "First World Problems"


  1. I was just oversharing about the diva cup with my book club last week. I read about it on a blog last October and it has changed my life. Or at least those few days every month. :)