Friday, April 27, 2012

Characters whom I've wanted to be

Pearls Before Swine is my absolutely favorite comic strip

Have I mentioned before that I love making lists? It's satisfying to cross things off the list, but they're also fun to make, getting things all organized and concise. Tonight's list? Fictional characters I've wanted to be.

Lessa of Ruatha/Pern: She's smart, determined, stubborn, and full of adventure. She holds her own in a male-dominated society without giving up her love of smooth dresses and long hair. And she Impresses the queen dragon, which is pretty awesome. I want a psychically bonded dragon.

Laura Ingalls: Reading her books made me want to explore the west and make my own butter. Perhaps she was my first influence toward green living...? (In reality, I know being a pioneer could be brutal. But her books make it sound so much fun!)

Nancy Drew: Again, smart and pretty. She sees things others do not, goes on huge adventures, and always comes out on top.

Elspeth of Valdemar: [SPOILER ALERT for VALDEMAR FANS] Born a princess, she renounces her title and becomes the first mage in hundreds of years, learning from a people similar to Native Americans. She is super-good at self-defense and knows how to manage elite society while still being comfortable camping along the trail. Also has a psychically bonded "horse." I want one of those, too.

Miss Dove: Protagonist of Good Morning, Miss Dove by Frances Gray Patton. Miss Dove decides to be a teacher, the best teacher. She requires respect and academic excellence from her students and, by unwitting example, teaches virtue to generations of students.

Arnora: Heroine of Cloud Horse by Jill Pinkwater, Arnora is an independent spirit in a time and place when women were expected to stay in the home. She dearly loves horses and they respond well to her. [SPOILER ALERT] Ultimately, she becomes an explorer to the New World and gets the guy!

Elizabeth Bennet/Darcy: OK, her mother and younger sisters are rather irksome, but she has such a passion for life! She has a strong sense of justice and family loyalty. She is quite able to stand up for herself and others. And she marries Mr. Darcy. :-)

Anne of Ingleside: A kind, gentle, and wise mother to her own children and any child who comes into her life. She discourages gossip and treats all respectfully. She is supportive of her husband, and he of her. She is a model of a good Christian woman.

Mary Poppins: She sings, brings love to others, does magic, and cleans efficiently. All very admirable traits. :-)

Lucy Pevensie/the Valiant: She gets it. She can recognize Aslan when the others cannot, she knows what to do and when to do it, and her compassion is never overruled by fear.

Which characters have inspired you? Any you've wanted to become?


  1. Great post! I am right with you on wanting to be Anne of Green Gables/The Islands/Windy Willows/Ingleside.

    1. She's just such a great character! Thanks for stopping by. :-)

  2. There was a period in high school when I totally related to Jane Eyre. Still enjoy the book but life has changed significantly since then and it just doesn't "hit me" like it used to, you know?

    Have you ever heard of _Dragon's Milk_ by Susan Fletcher? She's an Oregon author of the "Dragon Chronicles" series. The aforementioned book is the first I'd read in the series (and the first published I believe, though chronologically it comes second). I always admired Kaeldra, the main character--thrust into a task/story against her will but rising to the challenge, talking to dragons, taking care of draclings and ultimately learning to be who she is instead of who others think she should be. Hey I already have green eyes which is a significant sign of a dragon-sayer! :-)

    1. Yeah, it's interesting how books/movies/music can be so meaningful at one time and then lose their luster as we grow.

      I haven't heard of that series. I'll have to see if our library has some of them. And go for your dreams! Your eyes have predestined you! ;-)

  3. I never read Little House on the Prairie growing up, but a few years ago I did and felt the same way about her being my inspiration to make butter and "live green"

    Only read a few post so far, but love reading what you have to say :-)

    1. I've been meaning to re-read that series as an adult, perhaps that will be my next literary endeavor. :-)

      Thank you for stopping by!