Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Response to Keeping the (Year of) Faith in 2012

I was recently directed to a post (via The Catholic Young Woman) that outlined four objectives for the Catholic Church in the United States. They are as follows:

  1. Ending abortion
  2. Return of large families
  3. Renewal of classical education
  4. Building better churches
I don't think any of these goals are bad, but I'm not sure they're not all necessarily good.

Ending Abortion. OK, this one I don't really see a down-side. Admirable goal, hopefully to be carried out with love and compassion for the parents and extended family, not just the infant.

Return of large families. If this goal had been cultural support for large families, or communities where children are welcomed and valued, I'd be all over that. My concern with this goal is that married people would think they have an obligation to have as many children as possible, rather than simply being open to God's plan.

Renewal of classical education. Classical education was defined to include Latin and learning through literature. Certainly this model of education has value and offers a good starting point for creating a curriculum if children are interested in reading and language. However, children learn in a variety of ways; what engages one child may confuse or bore another child.

Building better churches. The author states that believers need to celebrate faith with solemnity and renew liturgical piety. I agree that some progressive changes in liturgy have not been positive, but one of the strengths of Catholic Church is the ability to include a variety of cultures and worship styles. Piety and appropriate solemnity are admirable goals, but they can be found in many different settings, including present-day churches.

I thought the article had good points, but these goals need to be pursued with caution.

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