Saturday, March 31, 2012

Places to go with a Toddler

We have a few places we like to go when the weather isn't stellar. My primary criteria are inexpensive, spacious, and not fragile. Our top picks are the zoo, the library, and the mall. I also have some errands Peter enjoys (groceries, church ministries, post office), but for extended periods of time, those are my top three.

Hi doggies!

I think the zoo and library are fairly self-explanatory, but the mall surprises many people. Our mall has a playground for young children, but that's just the beginning. Peter loves the space he has to roam at the mall and the freedom of being 20 or 30 feet away from me in a public place. He likes to read the signs, pointing out his favorite letters. (What, you don't have favorite letters?) We visit all the 50 cent rides, sitting on most and paying for none. We walk through the pet store, checking out puppies and birds and mice. He loves to watch the fountains. I certainly wouldn't want to bring him on Black Friday, but on a typical day, the mall is the place to be!

That being said, there are evenings when my husband and I want to go somewhere other than the mall and still bring Peter with us. Suggestions?

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