Saturday, March 3, 2012

Not a Prayer Warrior

I am absolutely lousy at intercessory prayer. I lack discipline and commitment, even as I desire to be faithful about lifting others to God. When I pray, I find myself at a lack for words, I forget those for whom I was going to pray, I get distracted. I have been so inspired in my faith to hear the prayers of ardent spiritual warriors, to witness the faithfulness of regular intercessors. I want to be that example for Peter and my kids at church and I fall so flat.

I can't say enough, be enough, do enough to change the world.

God, take from me the desire to be enough and create in me the desire to be with You. Amen.


  1. When I was growing up, the sister's at elementary school would remind us to say a short prayer whenever we heard the police or fire sirens. To this day I remember that advice. One time I told that to a friend of mine, and she liked the idea and now does the same. When I pass my friend's houses or neighborhoods, I send up a little prayer for those folks. Prayer for me is simply like talking to God and I have plenty of concerns running around in my head to talk about. On the side of the fridge, I have a small name card for each of the nine grandchildren. When I see those little cards, I remember to send up another short prayer for those precious children. mb

    1. We did that at school, too! With Peter, I pray the opening lines of the Liturgy of the Hours, paraphrased; "God come to their assistance, Lord make haste to help them." Thank you for the other ideas; I'll give them a try.