Monday, March 26, 2012

How To Never Waste Time Again!

I got to talk with my anam cara last night. (If a soul friend is given only to one in need, I'm sorry for those who don't need one.) As usual, she was the bringer of laughter, sympathy, and great wisdom.

I've been discouraged recently, wondering if my time spent blogging and sharing my beliefs on Facebook is at all useful. Why bother? Couldn't anyone just Google an issue and find someone who explains more articulately than I? Why do I waste my time posting something that gets largely ignored?

"Offer your time as a prayer for the souls of anyone who may or may not read it, but in whose lives this message is needed."

Didn't I tell you she's great? The time I dedicate becomes a prayer in itself, pleading on behalf of others, so that if my page views drop to zero, my time has still not been wasted.

She continued, "I find it especially helpful when I feel like I've wasted time. When I miss the bus, or spend half an hour on a project at work, just to find someone else already did it." When I am picking up toys for the 10th time, when I am lying on the floor because I can't leave without waking him yet, when I am cleaning something that only gets noticed if it's dirty... "OK, burnt offering for the Lord!"


I love that image. A burnt offering was certainly not useful. It wasn't pleasant to see and probably didn't smell too great, either. But the intent to worship God made it beautiful.

Waiting 30 minutes at a railroad crossing today? Burnt offering. These last 20 minutes writing this post? That's a prayer for you.

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