Monday, February 13, 2012


I am reading... Dreaming the Eagle, a book about the old tribes of Ireland. It's a well-crafted story, if a bit different from what I usually choose.

I am praying for... a good night's sleep. I need to shake some lethargy/apathy that's plagued me recently. On the positive side, I am praying for the unborn child of a close friend, for a healthy pregnancy for mom and baby.

Yeah, that kind of sleep would be good.

My favorite seasonal food is... warm brownies. I made a batch at my parents' house the other night and they were delicious! Really, it's hard to beat chocolate.

I am planning... to go out to dinner on Wednesday. My husband and I go out on the 16th of every month to celebrate our "monthaversary". In February, we usually go on the 15th, splitting the difference with Valentine's day. It's my month to choose the restaurant... so probably Panera or the food court at the mall. (I have the cultured palate of a 5 year old.)

I was recently surprised by... the lack of penguins outside at the zoo. We took Peter on Saturday in sub-freezing temperatures, mostly staying in the buildings. Of the outside exhibits, we saw a cougar, some wolves, a tiger, and a polar bear -- but none of the penguins! Wimps. :-)