Monday, February 20, 2012

Medical Monday, again

In good news, the diaper rash is almost gone. They never did figure out what caused it. It ended up responding to Bum Balm and Triple Paste. (However, now our lovely cloth diapers are somewhat water repellent, due to diaper cream use. Any stripping suggestions?)

In bad news, my little guy who had a cough yesterday woke up this morning with a 102F underarm temperature, which is equivalent to 103 orally. He also has a runny nose and the cough continues. We made an appointment with our pediatrician for this afternoon.

Of course, by about an hour before the appointment, the fever had broken once and returned much lower (~100.5). He had eaten lots of canned pear and was mostly acting normal, if a bit clingy. So we called back and the nurse recommended canceling the appointment.

But never too sick to pose for the camera!

Tonight, the fever got a bit worse and he was miserable again. When he coughs, he cries, which makes it worse. We put him to bed with his humidifier running and his head elevated (pillow under his mattress). Here's hoping for a good night's sleep (for all of us) and a healthier little boy tomorrow.

As an aside, I am SO glad to still be breastfeeding. Fluids, calories, and comfort all in one!


  1. David just had an upper respiratory infection that sounds similar to what Peter is dealing with. It started as what the dr said was probably a virus and he ended up with a double ear infection as well as the upper respiratory stuff. He had a low grade fever for like almost 4 days before we decided to take him in - he also went on a nursing strike for 2 1/2 days (which i found to be completely devastating from my end b/c i thought he had just cold turkey weened and that mixed with pregnancy hormones made for a very weepy mama!)We think it was because his ears hurt him and the sucking made it worse. But he had a pretty goopy nose and a really nasty sounding cough that made sleeping hard - even with the humidifier. I would say to just keep and eye on him and if the symptoms get worse or stay the same without getting better then take him in in a couple days. Otherwise it is probably just a virus that will run its course. We also gave david some benedryl to help with the runny nose b/c that was presenting a challenge to nursing b/c he couldn't breathe. but definitely ask your dr about that before giving it to him.
    I hope peter feels better soon!

    1. Thanks for the information! He seemed to be a bit better today, no fever most of the day. He also seemed a bit off-balance, though, so I'll be monitoring him over the next few days to see if it's an ear infection.

  2. poor boy! hope he feels better soon!

    1. Thanks! Today was better, the fever is almost completely gone.