Monday, January 9, 2012


I am reading... The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, a Christmas present from my brother. It definitely has adult themes, but I am enjoying it. If you enjoy fantasy, definitely check it out! I'm also reading Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves. It's interesting. I'll probably do a whole post on it once I've finished.

I am praying for... my best friend and her fiance as they approach their wedding day on Saturday. I pray for love and joy and an ever-stronger faith for them as they begin their new life together. I pray that their marriage be blessed and a blessing to those who witness it.

My favorite seasonal food is... peppermint hot chocolate. I first tried it at McDonald's and have since discovered I can make the same thing at home by stirring my hot chocolate with a candy cane!

I am planning... to write thank you notes. I enjoy receiving them and think they are important to send, but they tend to fall off the bottom of my to-do list. Perhaps stating my plans publicly here will motivate me!

I was recently surprised by... how quickly Peter is learning language! His spoken words are becoming clearer and more numerous, he is learning and using more signs, and he is even beginning to recognize and name letters! His favorite is O, which he will point out any time he sees a circle. :-)

Bible alphabet blocks from his Godfather - very cool!

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