Monday, January 2, 2012


Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were as wonderful as mine. Sincere apologies to those of you who hounded me on Facebook or complained about a lack of Peter pictures this past week. :-)

My favorite Christmas picture this year

I have decided on three resolutions for 2012, for my mind, soul, and body.

1. Learn more German. Peter got a fun book and CD for Christmas that I'm hoping will be educational for me as well. I'm debating about the best way to continue my own education in this area... I've had two recommendations to use Rosetta Stone, but it is quite expensive. There are many resources available for free online, but I lack the motivation to seek them out and use them regularly. The Rosetta Stone program would be cheaper than taking courses at our local community college, so I haven't decided definitively against it. We shall see.

3. Take my own advice. I had a lot of fun writing my book. Taking the time to reflect on how faith can be part of daily life with small children gave me some great ideas. Unfortunately, I am not always diligent about implementing them. My husband made a few hard copies of the book for me for Christmas (six, to be exact. very limited print run.), so now I have it out as an easy reference for myself. :-)

2. Run two miles each week. In high school, I easily ran between 15 and 30 miles in a week. In college, I ran 15 miles in a month. I probably ran 15 miles total during my three years of graduate school. I have not run any significant distance since Peter was born. Time for a change. (My brother challenged me to run a 5K this summer. I told my husband I need to get pregnant so I have a good excuse to avoid the race. He thought that was a horrible reason to want a child.) (I agree.)

What resolutions have you made?

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