Friday, January 6, 2012

My Epiphany

Today is the feast of Epiphany, celebrating the arrival of the Magi coming to worship the child Jesus. My mother's family, following the German tradition, called this "Little Christmas." (Which reminds me, I have some stöllen to eat that I have been saving until today!) Children in Germany would go caroling, collecting alms to give to the poor. In Mexico, children leave boxes of hay for the camels, hopeful that the Magi will leave presents to express their gratitude.

In our house today, we went to McDonald's for dinner. Very spiritual and festive.

Our tree is still up. The three kings have been moved to stand in the manger. (This probably isn't an accurate representation of events, but I'm not ambitious enough to have a house in addition to a manger.) I've been singing "We Three Kings" throughout the day. But I don't think Peter knows anything was special about today. Sometimes I have to accept that one missed opportunity does not mean I am a neglectful Catholic mommy. Tomorrow is a new day.

And he has a pretty fantastic Catholic daddy helping him, too.

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