Monday, January 16, 2012

Marriage Blessing

I was the matron of honor for my best friend on Saturday (which explains the lack of new blog posts this weekend!). As the conclusion of my toast, I wrote the following wedding blessing. May it be true for all married couples!

My prayer for both of you is that you receive the gifts of the Spirit in abundance. 
Love for God and each other. Joy in your home. Peace in your hearts. Patience during trials. 
Kindness to those who need you. Goodness where it is lacking. 
Faithfulness through the years to come. Gentleness with yourselves. 
And enough self-control that, even when you know you’re right, you don’t say it out loud. 

To Becky and Kenny!

Matron of Honor and Ring Bearer


  1. Love the toast you gave and pic of you with Peter. Here is the toast at our wedding.

    "A Toast to Rob & Monica"

    That the love and happniess they share today may continue to grow.
    That together they may share their joys and triumphs. That together they may face their sorrows and disappointments.
    And that in doing these they may live a good, happy, and long life which is blessed by God and envied by all others." 11/26/66 RAB

    After all these many years it still is quite special to me. There was a huge round of applause after the toast was given. Enjoy this time as a young bride/mother. Love, Aunt Monica

    1. Thank you for sharing! I wouldn't have imagined Uncle Rich creating such a beautiful toast. I shouldn't be surprised; he is his father's son. :-)