Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Homeopathy and Modern Medicine

I have some reservations about modern medicine. I don't think the chicken pox vaccine needs to be a routine shot. I am certain many children's mental health issues are misdiagnosed and over-medicated. I try to avoid pain-killers and cold medicine unless I can't function without it.

Modern medicine is a science. Like all sciences, nothing can be proven true, only proven false. So we assume a medication is safe because, in a controlled setting, nothing went wrong. But we never know for sure, which makes parents uneasy. If there is even a chance that the chemicals in this medication can harm my child, I want to know!

So when parents choose to avoid medicated diaper cream, or try a chiropractor for non-spinal concerns, or even not vaccinate their children, I get it. It may not be what I would choose, but I understand.

What I don't understand is the mindset that modern medicine is full of hidden dangers, but any herbal tea, essential oil, massage therapy or ground up plant is safe -- because it's natural. To quote a good friend of mine, "Arsenic is organic, too."

Just because he can eat it doesn't mean you should.

Modern medicine can't promise any remedy will be risk-free, but at least they can make an educated guess. If you want to skip this year's flu shot, go for it. I'm not getting mine either. But please do some heavy-duty research on the potential risks and benefits of any homeopathic care you choose. Natural does not mean safe.


  1. We have useD homeopathy for several things and had great success! We've used it ourselves and seen a highly respected homeopath. I have read 4 books and feel pretty confident using it on myself and my family. Is there something that spurred this post? I agree that not everything natural is safe. However I don't group homeopathy in with that bunch. Links??

    Always a good read! Thanks!


  2. i haven't tried it but i have a couple friends who swear by chiropractic care for everything from back pain to the common cold.

  3. @KB: Warnings about Hyland's teething tablets, Zicam cold remedy, and kava root come to mind. Also, some supplements (like St. John's wort) can interact with prescription medications. As to what spurred this particular post, it was frustration toward people who act as if all modern medicine is the epitome of evil because there are some bad side effects. I guess just the feeling that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

    @Donna: I suppose given the myriad physical side effects of stress, a good massage could go a long way toward a cure!