Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Highlight Reel and CFL Giveaway!

Blogoversary or blogiversary? It bothers me that I can't find a clear answer to which spelling is preferred. Anyway, it has been one year since I began posting! Many thanks to those of you who have challenged me, encouraged me, and laughed with me. It's been a good year! As a highlight reel, I present the following.

Drum roll, please.

Something beautiful. Of course there are many beautiful pictures of Peter posted, but as far as imagery through words, this description of my childhood stands out among my posts. I was pleased with the final result that illustrated my life in a loving family in the context of a friendly urban neighborhood.

Most popular. The winner for this one is easily my first Carnival of Natural Parenting, listing the top ten reasons I choose to breastfeed. From selfishness to self-giving, there are many reasons why breast is best for me and my family!

Frequently searched. I am pleased that my Pee-Pee Teepee review is consistently on the front page of search engine results for this ridiculous product. It makes me feel good that I am saving people money and/or providing them with entertainment. :-)

A surprising success. When we became a one-car family, it resonated with people more than I thought it would. One things I've learned this year is that I don't know what will interest you! Sometimes I throw something together and people love it, other times I spend a lot of time writing and it gets largely ignored.

Under-appreciated. On that note, I thought this one was pretty good. Maybe people who were Christian didn't bother to read it? Maybe all of you are already NFP enthusiasts and don't need convincing? Who knows. Anyway, go read it. It's good. :-)

A job well-done. I still feel a sense of accomplishment when I can easily find a utensil in our kitchen. Not only did exploring minimalism benefit the less fortunate in our community, it also gave me a better understanding of what I own and how I use (or don't use!) it.

Practical. Peter continues to learn new signs and express himself more clearly. If you've been considering teaching some ASL to your little one, check this out! Fun fact: A CODA (child of deaf adults) will "babble" in sign the same way a hearing child of hearing adults babbles through speech.

The Giveaway

Win a 60 watt CFL from SpringLight! Giveaway open to residents of Canada and the United States (sorry, Amy). Contest ends Saturday, 1.28.12 at noon EST.

Each person is allowed two entries. You may do either or both. They're pretty simple.

1. Tell me one of your favorite posts from this blog and why you like it.
2. Tell me something you'd like me to cover in an upcoming post.

It's that easy! Leave a separate comment for each entry and be sure to include your email address so I can contact you if you win.

SpringLight is not associated with this blog or giveaway in any way.


  1. I loved the article about your best friend's wedding ;) seriously though... I enjoy reading all of your posts, but I'ma little bias

  2. If i were to pick a future blog entry.... i think i would def advocate for more peter and parenting anecdotes. i also love when you do share your poetry... it's good :)