Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I am reading... Nancy Drew. My mom recently bought me 26 stories, all written while Harriet Adams was overseeing the series. Nancy's character and the writing style changed in the 1980s. I like the old ones better.

I am praying for... a spirit of humility. This has been an ongoing prayer, at least since college. This Advent season, I am renewing my efforts to let go of my pride and submit to God.

My favorite seasonal food is... chocolate cream pie. My husband's aunt made one for Thanksgiving with a chocolate cookie crust. It was delicious and has ruined my appreciation for normal food. :-)

Peter at Thanksgiving

I am planning... to buy a Christmas tree with my dad and make stöllen with my mom, as I have done since I was a little kid. The end results of both of these traditions are enjoyable, but the real value is time spent together.

I was recently surprised by... Wegmans milk. Their non-organic milk now contains no artificial hormones! We made the switch this past weekend from soy milk to cow's milk. I like soy milk, but I had missed the taste of cow's milk. It's good to be back!

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