Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Keeping Warm in the Car

Children who ride in car seats while wearing coats are at risk for injury in a car accident. The force of a collision compresses the coat/snowsuit/jacket under the car seat straps. If these straps were loosened to allow for a comfortable fit over winter clothing, they may no longer be properly fitted to secure the child in the car seat.

For a good fit of car seat straps, consider dressing your child in regular indoor clothing. Once your child is buckled, put on a blanket or coat (turned backward) over the restraints. This allows your child to stay warm and safe.

What not to wear in a car seat!

Unfortunately, Peter does not like a blanket or a coat. He prefers to be cold, which really doesn't make any of us very happy. My mom helped me attach strings to his hat, so at least he can't pull that off (yet), but the beginning of any car trip makes me feel bad, even though I know he's not going to freeze in the five minutes it takes for the car to get warm!

How do you keep little ones warm while traveling?


  1. I used to tuck the blankets snugly and it was difficult for the baby to kick it off. Also have used a larger blanket and tucked it around the car seat which makes it much harder to dislodge.

    They do know how to make us nutty though!

  2. I get why they arent supposed to wear puffy coats. But fleeces arent dangerous...just like a sweatshirt isnt dangerous as long as the straps are tightened properly. That being said, both mine wear coats but thin fleece like coats that dont compress. Some of their coats are "winter" coats but as long as I don't have to loosen the straps to fit them in, I go with it. And if they seem reasonable thin. We don't wear our "playing outside coats" in the carseats. A lot of "dress" coats are pretty thin. And hats are a must. I had to find a hat that DS would keep on too...yes you guessed it, it stays on with velcro!

    I will send you a couple articles on warmth and why its so important in these early years. Its often a battle in this house too but I start everyone out in two many layers this way if some get removed, its still ok.

    Hope this doesn't make me a bad crunchy mom because my children wear (thin) coats in their carseats!


  3. @Ann: I tried tucking the blanket around the car seat this past week and it worked! Thanks!!

    @Karra: No, I agree with you that fleece coats are different. You are not a bad mom. :-) Send me some of those articles, I love learning new stuff. Great to see you yesterday!