Friday, December 23, 2011

Keeping Holidays Happy

We have so much going on this next week! My brother and sister-in-law are in from out of town already and we've had one family party so far. More parties approaching and my husband's sister will be arriving at the airport in about an hour. We are getting up early and staying up late.

I'm trying to keep Peter happy. We are making a special effort to have morning and afternoon naps, although recently he'd been taking just one nap around noon. We are eating lots of fruit and drinking water at home. We're staying home as much as possible instead of zipping out for a plethora of errands. He has started asking to nurse much more frequently and I'm pretty much giving him free access.

My sweet boy

At tonight's party, he stayed up until after 10PM in a house full of people whom he barely remembered, if he'd met them at all. Through the entire evening, the only time he cried was when he pinched his fingers a little bit in the door.

So thankful we have the time and opportunity to keep everything else stable so parties stay fun!

(Given the hectic schedule approaching, I will not be blogging regularly until the new year. Enjoy your holidays!)

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