Friday, December 16, 2011

Full Speed Ahead!

Peter would not keep still long enough to get a clear photo, so I did the best I could with this blurry one. And no, his eyes are not quite that color blue, but my photo editing skills are not fantastic. You get the idea, at any rate.

When I was about 15, we had a family reunion on the Monterey Peninsula. It was amazingly beautiful. I loved swimming in the ocean and feeling the waves pummel me. Sitting on the beach watching the sunset was like something out of a movie. As part of that trip, we visited a couple redwood forests. They were nice. The trees were really tall and had huge diameters. After the first couple trees, though, I was bored. I think I walked the trail about ten times before the rest of my family finished.

For our honeymoon, we went to Arizona (in mid August) and took an overnight trip to the Grand Canyon. I really enjoyed driving through the desert and taking a Jeep tour of the national forest around the Canyon. I liked climbing the tower and taking pictures at lookout points. Strolling the perimeter trail was not my idea of a good time. My husband had been to Niagara Falls with me already and knew how I am, so we drove between points. (Fun fact: I have virtually no depth perception beyond about 20 feet, so this also explains why the height of the redwoods and the depth of the Canyon are less impressive to me.)

I recently realized why I don't like museums. I love old things and learning about people who have gone before me. I want to understand history and enjoy reading what people have written from generations past. I don't like museums because they require slow walking. I want to sit, walk quickly, or run. Walking slowly drives me batty. I guess I take time to smell the roses, but I sprint from one bush to the next.

I shouldn't be surprised that Peter is either sitting quietly with us or going at full speed. At least he comes by it honestly!


  1. You would have loved where my hubby grew up, he would roam the mountains and poke around old abandoned miner's cabins. He would do very stupid things too of course, like exploring old mine tunnels, and once found a cabin built INSIDE a mine. Rather cool even though some of his stories make me think his guardian angel must be of a higher order than average considering he survived his childhood explorations!

  2. Ooh... yeah, that sounds awesome! Have you heard of I enjoy the comics; your comment reminded me of this one