Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Do you see what I see?

"Can't you even tell a good tree from a poor tree?" Charlie Brown's Christmas

My dad and I took Peter out this year when we chose our Christmas trees. We probably spent an hour wandering the farm, looking for just the right trees to cut. As we walked, we'd stop and point out a tree and discuss its strengths and shortcomings. After a few stops, Peter really got into it. He would point with a mittened hand from his place on my back and babble very emphatically, offering his opinion on what made a good tree. :-)

In addition to a good assortment of trees, Wilbert's Tree Farm also has a life-size Nativity scene with live animals! As much as Peter enjoyed being in his carrier to help us pick a tree, I think the animals were what really made his day complete.

Trick goat riding a camel!


  1. He's learning to smile for pictures... sometimes with a very cheesy grin. I'll have to get one of those soon and post it!