Thursday, November 10, 2011

What is Family Cloth?

In my blog hopping, I've found a few references to "family cloth," usually along the lines of, "We use cloth napkins, and although we haven't gotten to family cloth yet, I think we might go there soon." I had assumed family cloth would be using handkerchiefs or dish cloths or rags instead of paper towels.

Cue one of my favorite Gilmore Girls quotes:
Lorelai: You know what they say about people who assume, Mom.
Emily: No, Lorelai, I do not. What do they say?
Lorelai: ...Not nice things.
Emily: Well, aren't they clever.

Indeed, not nice things could be said about me. Family cloth, it turns out, is reusable toilet paper. Oh. Oh, I see.

Well, I had intended this post to be an explanation of how we use dish cloths and rags, but haven't quite gotten to handkerchiefs. Apparently we have quite a distance to go before I can consider myself a bonafide member of the green living community.

Are any of you using family cloth? What does your family think?


  1. Haha! We *kind of* and sometimes use family cloth...

    DH refuses. DD uses it almost exclusively. DS DEF uses it exclusively. And I use it *sometimes*

    The only paper product we buy is toilet paper (and I steal tissues from my mom). And I think it will always remain on the list...for Dan and for company. We use dishcloths, washcloths, building our hankie stash, etc.


  2. We used family cloth, in fact, my mom bought some tp for the upstairs bathroom after J was diagnosed and everyone goes to the downstairs bathroom for the family cloth. The only thing the tp has been good for is unrolling the whole roll b/c its fun to do, lol.

    We don't buy any paper products anymore but more b/c I don't want to spend the money vs. being green. It does help our septic in the long run though.

  3. I'm all for living "green," but I've got to draw the line somewhere. And it is definitely at family cloth. :)

  4. @KB: First of all, this is the first time I realized who you are when you just write KB. Other times you used your actual first name, so I thought KB was someone else. :-) Anyway, I'm not surprised that Dan is not hooked. Jeremy won't consider it either. We do use cloth wipes with Peter, so I'm not sure why doing the same thing for us grosses us out, but there you have it.

    @Megan: We spend about $80/year on tp, so I'm not sure how much of a savings it would be. Cloth napkins was a no-brainer, because they can be reused so many times before needing a wash, but not family cloth! Although I guess if I washed them with the diapers it might not matter as much. *shrug* With my husband not on board, it's a moot point anyway.

    @Rachel: Lol, a woman of conviction! :-)

  5. I'm unlikely to EVER use "family cloth" that is just not going to happen.... well not unless there comes a major crash in the economic sphere and I cannot GET Toilet Paper.

    But I sure can find a lot of uses for the dish towels and cloth diapers I have and they aren't much trouble to add to the washer loads.

  6. We do cloth everything except family cloth. I tried getting my family on board, but no one was going for it, sadly. I'd love to get rid of that one last disposable thing...

  7. @Zoie: It's an interesting one to me. I'm not sure that it saves money or a significant amount of resources, since I assume it composts in sewage treatment. *shrug* At any rate, it's existence certainly surprised me!