Thursday, November 3, 2011


I am reading... Star of the Morning and its two sequels. It is a sweet, well-written love story mixed with fantasy. I've read this trilogy a handful of times already. I enjoy the series because it is a love story that isn't laced with sex and because the story reminds me somewhat of my own love story with my husband.

I am praying for... my "baby" cousin and his new bride, that their marriage be filled with love and laughter and hearts that long for God.

My favorite seasonal food is... tea with real cream and sugar. I never considered adding cream to my tea until I visited Ireland. I still usually drink it plain, but I savor it when I treat myself!

I am planning... to go to a square dance this weekend. SUNY Geneseo has a string band that hosts a couple of square dances each year. I started going as a student and have been hooked ever since!

I was recently surprised by... how long it took Peter to get to sleep tonight. He has been falling asleep happily in about 20-30 minutes recently, but not tonight. It took more than an hour and he was crying because of gas pain. I have no idea what would have caused the gas, since neither of us has had anything unusual to eat in the past couple of days. Poor little guy.

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